Check this bag out!!!

  1. Weight might not be too bad I suppose compared to something like the roxanne because at least it hasn't got much hardware. Nice bag though!!!
  2. Ooo, not familiar with that one. I imagine it could be pretty heavy though, as it's quite a substantial size. Are you interested kroquet?
  3. Kroquet I'm almost sure I have seen one of those at Cheshire Oaks,I can go check it out for you,weight and price if you want??
  4. Chaz - thanks but I think I am going to stick with the Rosemary plan. Next time you are there, see if they have a choc or oak. I put in another thread, that with all the comments about waterstaining on the oak bags, I might be better off with choc! Oh - Annie too!! Thanks xxxxxx
  5. woww. not sure about it.. its interesting thoughh....

    *can any of you guys help me out?? im very new with this stuff and i dont know how to post a thread.. i only know how to post comments... and yea. so plz cmnt back or watever.. i just need help figuring this thing out a bit more..
  6. Go to forum page and at the top there is a little blue box with 'new thread ' in it. Click on it and ask your question!!:tup:

  7. I'd go with a Rosemary,I'm positive they had some choc ones in Chesh Oaks,will chek for you,price etc. Btw,if you collinil your bag,it should be fine,my oak Elgin is waterproof as a wellie now!!!:tup::roflmfao:
  8. Thanks and I'll take your word as I have no clue what a "wellie" is!!!!!
  9. Wellies are waterproof boots for splodging about in the mud and rain (made out of rubber).

    I wonder what they are called in Texas ???
  10. They are called rubber boots!!!!! I'm such a smart ass!!
  11. :smartass::lol::lol::laugh
    O.k , can we move on :whistle: