Check these out

  1. Weird... I just messaged the seller asking for photos of the pouches because I'm curious as well!
  2. Yah they def. look real ... but I also don't know what's up with the matching pouch since there are no pics of the pouches ... very odd ...
  3. They look real to me.. maybe the "matching pouches" are caramellas :graucho: haha doubt it.. but that would be awesomeee
  4. I just got a reply and she said they don't come with pouches and thanks for reminding her that she needs to change her listing.
  5. Lol.. *shucks*
  6. I just posted this in the Authenticate This thread. I was wondering exactly the same thing.

    The matching cosmetic pouch seems to be a sure sign that the bags are fake, but these looked SO real, it made me panic!:wtf:
  7. ahhh ok it all makes sense now! thanks for contacting her about this maya!!
  8. The seller of all these fakes, has the same description as the person in question above who seems to have authentic items. Could they be the same person w/ 2 different ID's or one stolen from the other. But the "never been wash" is pretty much a dead give-away. Heck, it's the same fonts and same colors too.
  9. Weird...
  10. Some people probably have no idea what they are doing and selling and just copied whatever they can find on the web... weird :tdown: