check these out at NM Atlanta

  1. Hello all, I thought I should share this info with you. I called up NM Atlanta to check on which flaps they had and they have quite a few. Thought someone might be interested.
    I've asked them to hold a few for me until tomorrow. You can speak to Dennis at (404)266 8200 ext 2129. Although he's the gucci specialist I found him so helpful esp since I'm in Singapore.
    medium light beige, light grey, denim blue.jpg medium light beige, jumbo grey, jumbo black.jpg medium coral, white, beige.jpg
  2. Hi bagmad73, I am in Atlanta and I know Dennis and he is a sweetheart! My favorite SA at NM. I am already headed out to go there and across the street to Sak's. Will take a look at these Chanels.
  3. Love that dark grey jumbo with new chain, just gorgeous!
  4. Hey Luvhandbags, would you please let me know what you think of those Chanels? I actually asked Dennis to hold some for me as I can't see the colours IRL and am doing some thinking about it.
  5. bagmad, what colors are the medium classic in the first pix?!
  6. those are great flaps!
  7. IMO i think these are the colors for the flaps
    1st pic (left to right) Dark white, Light blue, dont know
    2nd pic dont know, great lambs jumbo with the new chain, Black lambs with the new chain
    3rd pic candy pink, pure white, beige

    love them all! wish i could buy them all!
  8. Oh pulease stop this. I love all flaps and want to give them a home.
  9. I love that dark grey jumbo and denim blue. Very tempting! I hope you buy all of them! :graucho:
  10. So pretty all lined up like that!
  11. Is the blue a dark or the blue jean blue? I can't tell from the pictures? Thanks.
  12. Ok the bags are in the following colours -
    - light beige (Dennis said it's taupe-y colour), light grey, denim blue
    - light beige (again), jumbo grey, jumbo black
    - coral, white, black
    Cute right? They're all in lambskin (though)
  13. Thanks for the pics!

    Oh how I wish the blue jean was caviar leather. I would have run all the way from CA to Georgia to grab it :smile:
  14. Spiralsnowman, you wouldn't have to run all the way from CA to GA to get this bag 'cause I would gladly bring it to ya!! I just got back from 11 days in L.A. and it is never enough. I am ready to go back so would be so glad to hand carry it to you. :yahoo:
  15. I just got home from shopping all day and I did see Dennis at NM. Told him about your post and he was so happy I told you I knew him. He is so helpful and easy to deal with. The bags are gorgeous! He is the one everyone should contact if they call the store about any of these bags. He is just the best!:tup: