Check the price before you fall in love. True or false

  1. It's now on sale from $99 to $59 :smile:.
  2. Funny, if something catches my eye, I look at the price tag before going in for the detailed look :smile:
  3. I look at the item first before looking at the price tag. It is hard for me to justify purchasing a piece of clothing over $100 unless it is for professional attire or outerwear. I like to wait for deals on casual clothing since I try to spend the least on that. Depending on the designer, what type of clothing it is helps me to figure out whether I should try to wait for a sale or purchase it. Also another factor for me is if I will be able to wear it and if anything will match with it.
  4. That's why a lot of stores will train the staff to flip the tags over/tuck the tags in. Not just because dangling tags tend to look tacky, but because if you see that dress is $90, you may not even walk over to it. However, if you walk over to said dress, see the detail, touch the fabric, then glance at the price...if you really love the item, your mind will start justifying the price somehow.
  5. i'm so glad i didn't bought it right away XD thank you everyone!!
  6. that's ... smart and sneaky. it does work
  7. I'm always attracted by how something looks, so I fall in love with the item first and then check the tag. If I check the tags before really appreciating something, then I am more likely to justify a cheaper price, which may seem smart in the short run but in terms of CPW really adds up. Something I love but which has a bigger ticket is often more worth it in the end because I will reach for it time and again, whereas something I justified because of a lower price tag often wasn't quite right from the start.
  8. My mom does the same thing, and she too lacks fashion sense.

    I used to be like my mom (since that is how shopping trips growing up went). Then, I realized that if the item doesn't fit well, who cares how cheap it is? You are better off spending money on a quality piece that fits you well, rather than spend less money on something that doesn't fit as well, because the cost per wear of the more expensive item is going to be less in the long run. I can't tell you the number of clothes that I clean out of my closet every few years that still have their price tags on them (usually all less than $20) simply because I got it because it was cheap, not because it looked good.

    That being said, I typically don't spend much, if any, money on casual clothing. If your line of work calls for it, I do think it's worth spending money on some quality suits/suit separates. I used to be big on buying the $100 2-piece suits from Macys. They typically looked okay on me, but the fabric was a cheap polyester blend and you could see/feel it. I now pretty much only buy tropical wool / wool blend suits. Yes, my suits now cost in the $200-300 range (when I buy on sale from BR, Ann Taylor, J Crew, etc.), but they just look that much more sophisticated.
  9. True! Otherwise hard justifying why you aren't purchasing something to the SA (and to yourself) even if the price is $$$$. This happened to me recently....
  10. Well the said top is now $11.99 :smile:
  11. i generally do NOT look at the price first... for my day to day clothing i tend to stick with certain brands in the contemporary departments at Neimans, Saks, and Nordies and i am very familiar and comfortable with the price points. i have built a substantial wardrobe over the years, and for me now, any shopping i do is merely out of just wanting to add something new and exciting for an upcoming season. HOWEVER, my BFF taught me something that really seems to help/ work with regards to shopping- is that to NOT look at the price- and to look at the item and ask yourself "how much am I willing to pay for this?" and then based on the quality, and the appeal give the item a price that you feel willing to pay for it; and if the item falls at or below that price YOU designate, then it goes into the "yes" pile when shopping...
  12. I fall in love first, THEN decide if I can afford to buy it. :smile: Because what's the point of buying anything unless you absolutely love it? "Like" used to be good enough for me, but now I have to all-out LOVE it! The hardest part is falling in love with something, then having that internal battle where you have to dish out tough love and say NO to yourself because it's too expensive, or too impractical!
  13. This is me. I go through the same process first do I love it second can I afford it. If both are yes then it's a go :smile:
  14. LOL. When it comes to fast fashion, I prefer not to pay more than I'm comfortable with - there's a high likelihood that it will come up for sale (and then "further reduction!!"). And there are usually alternatives with other retailers.
  15. i always start with the style first and if it catches my eyes, check the price tag!