Check Out Whitney Houston's Auction In New Jersey

Jan 23, 2006

Troubled Whitney Houston makes a good commercial for reasons as to why not to take drugs. The soul singer now has her whole life going under the hammer, due to severe financial troubles and debt. The auction, in New Jersey, includes her designer dresses as well as some music awards and musical instruments. I’m going to bid for the keyboards, my rendition of Chop Sticks is legendary

I'ts a start at least to getting her life back on track, I admire her for that !
Jan 23, 2006

Among the 400 frocks and trinkets up for grabs are 13 Dolce and Gabbana sequined bustier bras, a chair described as "Whitney's Throne," and a see-through grand piano worth an estimated $400 000.

Despite reports suggesting that the move was a result of a build up of unpaid bills, Whitney's publicist claims, "The auction consists of old equipment from past tours that she doesn't need anymore. It's not unusual for artists to sell off staging and equipment not in use anymore."

Not true says auctioneer Steve Newmark: "There's some pretty personal stuff in there. Even her underwear is in there. I was marveling at the waist of some of these clothes. They were pretty small."

Whitney isn't just auctioning her own possessions - 16 of estranged hubby Bobby Brown's music awards are also up for purchase. I know what you're thinking: They give awards out for smoking crack?


Jun 10, 2006
Britney Spears should take note ~ marry a loser, continue pissing money away, and stop touring and you will end up with nothing. Ask TLC. Ask MC Hammer. Ask Michael Jackson. Especially when they don't write their own songs, they spend money like crazy but they forget there's not much coming in unless they continue to tour.