Check out what JAX did...

  1. I've ordered *numerous* things this week for PCE (many pics to follow once I get it all in the mail). I've also gone into or called the store a few different times this week, so all my purchases have been made in different transactions. Here's the kicker:

    I ordered the Ali in signature khaki/ebony and the signature stripe zip wallet in chocolate. According to Fed Ex, that box was supposed to arrive today. I got home and SWEET the box was on my doorstep. HOWEVER, when I opened the box, instead of having 1 small and 1 large wrapped package, there were 2 large wrapped packages. :confused1: Huh? So I opened the first one and it was a Hampton's Carryall in white and get this... it was a Factory Store item. Factory Store tags and everything. WHAT? :confused1: Then I opened the other package, thinking it was my Ali, but nope, it was yet another Hampton's Carryall in white from the Factory Store. HUH? Ok, what's even more interesting is that the packing slip that was in the box was correct - it showed the Signature Ali and the Signature Stripe zip around wallet. Now, what was JAX thinking when they did that and HOW would I have gotten 2 of the same Factory Store purses instead? :roflmfao: Just cracks me up, so I had to share.

    Fortunately I have an AMAZING SA who took care of it all and is having the correct items I ordered re-shipped to me.

    Hooray for great SAs!!! :wlae: :rochard: :drinkup:
  2. That is SO bizarre! Factory items?!? Unfortunately, now you have to wait longer for your wallet and Ali :sad:
  3. Pompilit, I am so glad to hear that your SA took care of you. I probably would have fainted when I saw what was in there. I am guessing that someone else got a box with your items in it. I wonder if they'll be calling someone about that... not.
  4. Lol, that's hilarious! I've had that happen from so many different sites-the packing slip is right but the wrong stuff is in the box.

    Get this one-recently my favorite makeup brand relaunched their site and had a great deal going so I, and many others on the makeup site where I go, also ordered. When the packages came, they were a mess. One gal even got nothing in her box-just the packing slip and one little sample but NO merchandise! You've gotta wonder sometimes how these things can happen.
  5. kidlearner - Totally weird. I was really looking forward to seeing my Ali tonight too. :crybaby: Hopefully they won't take too long to come in this time!

    mokoni - I have to say I was worried for a bit, I mean it just sounds so dang odd and I didn't want them to think I was pulling a fast one. But 2 of the same factory store bags all wrapped up? Just freaky. Fortunately my SA was great and I've bought TONS from her, especially this week. I do have to say though, when I first saw the box, I was basically going nuts and raced to the store. :sweatdrop: And that's what I'm thinking - that someone else got my Ali and wallet and I have a feeling they won't be telling anyone about that mix up. :shrugs:

    sweetmelissa - Just freaky!! I agree though, I don't understand how things like that can happen. Especially with the correct packing slip? Just weird.