Check out what I scored on ebay!

  1. :love: Pink heart luggage tag and multi stripe tote...I'm in love (please excuse the pajamas in the photo...I have the flu so I haven't really gotten dressed today)
    DSCI1123.jpg DSCI1200.jpg DSCI1207.jpg DSCI1205.jpg DSCI1206.jpg
  2. nice I was looking at the Pink heart luggage tag its so cute!!! congrats
  3. Love the bag and the luggage tag! Congrats on your great buys!
  4. congrat's....
  5. thank you! I've been wanting this bag for a long time...I can't wait until spring comes so I can start carrying it!
  6. Both are CUTE!!!! CONGRATS!!! :smile:
  7. Congrats!!! I have always liked this bag!
  8. nice finds. i love that charm and i really need
  9. Congrats! Great stuff. I hope you feel better too! My entire household is just getting over a flu/strep/stomach virus thing and it was really bad.
  10. cute
  11. I love your bag!!! I am not a fan of the bags with the stripes around the bottom, but I would OWN one of these!!!!!!
  12. Congrats! Love them both!
  13. Oooh. Love that heart. And the pink interior in that tote is so cute! Congrats. :tup:
  14. Cool! Honestly, eBay is my favorite place to shop for Coach lately.
  15. [​IMG]

    I just bought this wallet too!! Ok, need to stay away from eBay for while now...:p