Check out what I just Got!!!!!!

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  1. :smile:
  2. here's the lovely card they enclosed
  3. oohhhhh keep going!!! :biggrin:
  4. anyone here to see a sneak peek?
  5. I'm here!! :biggrin: Let's see what you've got..
  6. ok i gota make this fast!
  7. take it off!!
  8. yey, show more:couch:
  9. Please go on!:yahoo:
  10. sneak peek! any guesses?
    sneak peek.jpg
  11. Hey, I recognize that card. Is it a Brea?
  12. so some info...this is my christmas gift. i told df to wait until my new fave bag came out!
  13. Oh come on! I wanna see :smile:
  14. Let's see more! :yahoo:
  15. not a brea!