Check Out Vicky B's Sopping Spree @ Oxfam + Her List Of Hotel Demands



    [​IMG] The ultra-chic Hempel Hotel in Bayswater, London

    She has been pictured shopping at Oxfam - but it seems Victoria Beckham still has a taste for the grander things in life.

    When the former Spice Girl announced she and her husband were checking into the ultra-chic Hempel Hotel in Bayswater, staff were handed a formidable list of requirements.

    They spent about £20,000 in an effort to make Victoria happy.
    Her exacting demands included £350 of cakes from a local patisserie, ultrathick towels and extra dressing gowns and £1,000 of smart Jo Malone bath scents, plus a full set of Spanish newspapers so her husband could read reports from football matches in is home league.

    Anxious staff decorated the hotel's £1,500-a night Beluga suite with £5,000 of orchids, six silver platters of fresh tropical fruit, and lit it with 60 candles.
    Another £5,000 was spent flying in Italian linen sheets by designer Francesco Calvidini.

    A butler was put on standby to look after the couple during their twoday stay at the west London hotel.
    They were also offered a chauffeur-driven Porsche Cayenne should they need to venture out.
    At one point, five porters were dispatched to a patisserie, where they emptied its shelves.
    But still there was one thing missing from the Beckham’s suite: Cristal champagne.

    A source at the Hempel said: "Victoria arrived here with David on Sunday afternoon. We made a massive effort to get ready for them - in total we must have spent around £20,000 preparing for their arrival."
    "Victoria came here to promote her book - she did a series of interviews in her suite. We did everything we could to get it ready. But she was not happy with champagne on ice in her suite - we had stocked it with Ruinart champagne and she insisted on Cristal." "She was quite clear that she and David were not happy with anything but Cristal."
  2. Hopefully the hotel did this for publicity. Otherwise they lost a lot of money to only have her stay two days :rolleyes:
  3. Eh I don´t believe the demands. She´s said many times she likes a particular brand (which is really cheap) and she isn´t as fussy as requesting some special sheets.
  4. whatever brand of champagne she drinks, it's a step up from Liebfraumilche!
  5. I guess it all makes sense- celeb wants things perfect, hotel wants celeb to feel perfect and come back and have pics taken leaving that hotel- so hotel goes up and over the top... Her room sounds AMAZING how they decorated it!!!!
  6. i just can't believe that with all that work she was still unhappy because there wasn't any cristal - it's not that exclusive, i'm sure you can go out to the local liquor store and buy some!

    that hotel looks pretty, almost un-hotel like *at least compared to the ones i usually go to, then again i've only been to asia and around america, not europe*
  7. I'm a blue nun girl - JJ!!
  8. VB? Really? :shrugs:
  9. I LOVE this pic!!! It looks like a magazine ad!!!:love: :love: :love:
  10. [​IMG]

    what's the bag??? Love it!

  11. Giambattista Valli, spring/summer 2007
  12. Her life is kind of like a magazine ad!
  13. i like the jacket so much!:love:
  14. Wow :nuts: thats cool! If I were a celebrity I would demand things too and if the hotel is willing to go out of its way for you then why not.

    I'd have a demand list with a list of designers I want a bag from courtesy of the hotel waiting for me when I get into the room lol ;)
  15. Hmm... I have my doubts about some of this. Even if they spent a lot of money, it isn't as if they couldn't BILL the Beckhams for all those extras. There's no mention of that.