Check out this website- new diamond technology- 1/2 the price what do you guys think?

  1. Heard about this on the radio this morning- what do you guys think?
  2. Looks quite good,I'd like to see one IRL to make a better judgment,but on the surface and reading a bit about them,outwardly it looks ok.
  3. These diamonds are synthetic. It seems to be the same type of process used by other synthetic diamond makers, but I'd have to check out the process more thoroughly.
  4. Yeh,I got that too,but for that price its a better choice than a cz or something,mind you I'm Uk based so with the exchange rate it would work out very competitive over here, think I would still prefer to save for the real thing tho.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. I'm admittedly snobby when it comes to wearing gems for me.
    I wouldn't buy synthetic personally.

    I'm a die hard Chanel fan and I won't even buy their fun jewelry!
  6. A closet snob is far worse than a blatant one! XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  7. yeah, I'm definitely NOT in denial!:nogood:
  8. Hahahahaha!!! I love it!!! The confidence of you US ladies is just fanatastic!!!
    Brightens up my days no end!! And as I only have Sophie,17 months for company,it really is entertaining and heartwarming!!! Love to you all!!XXXXXXX
  9. We love you, too, Chaz:heart:
  10. :throwup::throwup: EEk.
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    Interesting, although the prices are much much less than half from what I'm seeing.

    I wonder if it would register as a diamond when you used a diamond tester? From what I read online, these are just branded Asha simulants.

    I don't know how I would feel on owning something like that. My husband just said that the difference between the Mia Donna diamond and a real diamond was like comparing a bag of dirt to a 1 acre lot. They're both dirt, but one is worth something. I guess I wouldn't mind having it as a right hand/fashion ring, but I don't know if I'd choose one for an e-ring.

    The prices are reasonable compared to buying a mined diamond, but that's because they're marketing it that way.
  12. I still don't get what they are ? A Hybrid is a mix of 2 things together to work as one, what are the 2 things ?
  13. Looks like they might give moissanite a run for its money.
  14. I think they're talking about the "seed" they use to form the simulant around, and then the material used to create the actual stone.
  15. As mentioned elsewhere in the board miadonna is a retail out for Asha sold for a better price at

    The Hybrid, in the case of Asha are Cubic Zirconiums with a grown on diamond coating. Asha claims better optical properties than Diamonds, like Moissanite, without the green tint. Lab grown real diamonds are started with a "seed" as mentioned by jan228. I saw some comparison info at