Check out this stupid ebay auction!!!!

  1. What is it??? One of those triangle things?? Or pyramid??
  2. o wow...this is the stupidest thing I think I have EVER seen!!
  3. Why doesn't the seller just ask for money since that is exactly what this is! Brutal.
  4. oh, there was a wave of those over in the uk a few weeks ago, someone was selling an enevlope & he said he would put a cash prize in it, he claimed he'd sold loads of them & many people had recieved much more than they'd bid ! ahah!

    just crazy!!
  5. Wah? I was like, who on earth would be stupid enough to bid? And now I'm told it's happened in UK. Wow. I am speechless.
  6. That is just outrageous!!! Anything for a buck! UGH!!!!
  7. How is this even allowed on eBay? Where is their auction screening?!?!?!? Unbelieveable....
  8. And there are 2 bidders????
  9. you have to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to go and check out the auction again - that is awful!
  10. ^ Probably friends of the seller :censor: ​
  11. Oooooooooo, if you bid $10Mil, you get $1Mil back.
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