Check out this site!

  1. I found this site where you can find and purchase a particular bag that a celeb is wearing! No more endless searches....
  2. Cool thanks itucci!!!
  3. Very cool. Thanks for posting that. :smile:
  4. fun website, thanx
  5. Cool, thanks!
  6. I love it - thanks!
  7. That site was mentioned on Rachel Ray's show today. Thanks.
  8. :yes: Great i've booked marked the site thanks for posting
  9. I've seen that before. Bad thing is some of the links don't work and some of the stuff is kinda in rare colors that are hard to find and of course they dont have them in stock even tho it's pictured. Thanks for posting the link! Definitely cuts down on guessing what they're toting.
    I just went back and looked at this tho and the links for LV bags are taking you to fake bags. I wouldnt touch that site with a ten foot pole to purchase ANY brand knowing they condone fakes of some!
  10. cool! Thanks for posting!