Check out this site and a Coach video game lol !

  1. This site is very informative. I didn't have time to read everything but a lot of the stuff was very interesting. I love the fake wedding cakes and the "Stop Rockin Fake S%#t" tshirts and ESPECIALLY the counterfeit quiz video game thing ! It is hilarious !
  2. lol love the game.
  3. OOO I will have to browse this when I have more time!
  4. It is great, I was doing a search on "Deluxe" because I want to order that book on Amazon, also searching for the article Dana Thomas wrote for Harpers Bazaar and came accross this site.
  5. AHH. Some of the stuff on that site is FREAKY!! I clicked on the "Fashion Art" link on the page and the first thing it showed me was a picture of counterfeit chanel/rat goods - shoes, bra, underwear, etc (all with dead rats attached to them). Then it posted the link to see the models wearing these things and it was extremely WEIRD...Pictures of some of these "women" with their male private parts hanging out. It did say "caution: NSFW" but I had no idea (and still don't) what NFSW means!!

    Edit: just looked it up and realized "nsfw" means "not safe for work". A little late for me to know what that meant!
  6. Haha, I think my last response killed this thread.