Check out this shirt! WE NEED IT! LOL!

  1. LOL that's a cute shirt
  2. That's is adorable!!!!!
  3. That's fun.

    I've seen another one that has a picture of a plane and and it says something like the only coach I fly is on my arm...
  4. That is so cute! I want one of those!
  5. Someone on tpf has that as their avatar or signature.
    Very cute!:p
  6. Cute - I love David and Goliath stuff!
  7. I feel like I'd get soo much crap if I wore that.
  8. I love it
  9. really cute!!
  10. BAAHAHAHAHAHA!! Love it!
  11. Love It!!!!
  12. I'm sooo getting it...
  13. Lol!
  14. Lol that's cute