Check Out This Sac Shopping- It's in Excellent Condition!!!

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  1. its not that bad lol..a lil cleaning or new vachetta will do the trick
  2. In this case, the pictures really do speak for themselves.. and much louder than words !

    - you're almost at that rarefied level of 10k ! Are you going to celebrate with a sac shopping.. in excellent condition ? :graucho: ;)
  3. May she mean the monogram exterior is in excellent condition? :confused1:, not the vachetta? LOL.
  4. Ayla, OMG I am!!!! But no I'm not going to celebrate with a SS- they don't particularly tickle my fancy. I am, however, eyeing another discontinued mono tote :graucho:
  5. I'm wondering the same.
  6. Oh REALLY ?! What is it ? Cabas Alto ? Spill the beans !! :P
  7. It looks in pretty fair condition, apart from the piping. But, yes you're right, I don't know who would describe that as "excellent".
  8. I agree:yes: