Check out this paddy - never seen this before - anyone?

  1. Hi there

    So I was in Harvey Nichols today to look at my cross over to the dark side (Balanciaga with gold hardware if anyone is interested!) Anyhow can't go into Harvey Nicks without checking out the Chloe section and what did I see but a couple of these bags. Called a Classic Paddington (but hey Harvey Nichols are never great on their Chloe knowledge) but there was two - one larger, one smaller. The padlocks on them are about a third of the size of a regular paddy and they are not on the flip over at the top but in the middle of the bag at the front with a small chain attached to them. Thanks to fellow PFer (Siri) for taking pics whilst we were in there! my phone camera is rubbish.

    So what do you think? The SA said it is the new S/S 07 range but maybe I missed something but I never knew this style was coming.

    It's price was £1,000 never checked the price of the smaller one. Anyone know anything else about it?

  2. Sorry Pic this time

  3. I seen them on the LVR website, but they look better in the stock photo than IRL. whoa, that price is steep too!!
  4. Hey D&G yes it is quite steep - this was the gold one so not sure if the normal leathers will be cheaper. Not sure if it will catch on or not.

    The smaller one was like white with flecks of gold through it - wish I had checked out the price too.
  5. Hmmm...I'm not sure if I'm liking it. The chain part connected to the lock makes the bag look very gritty. Was it very heavy when you picked it up?
  6. Saw one in Norstrom this week--no likey....

  7. Lordguinny because of the much smaller lock it was a lot lighter. Not sure what part the chain plays - bit of a strange addition if you ask me
  8. What is chloe coming to - the quality of their bags and the designs are getting worse as time goes on!
  9. I kinda like the smaller locks, not sure about the bag style, it looks kinda of cheap.
  10. I saw these bags on LVR and I thought they looked cute:love:..........but I don't like the gold one in the pic above :yucky:

    I'm off to Chloe, London tomorrow and will report back on what I find :yes:
  11. I don't mind the chain with the smaller lock but what I can't figure out is why they would mess with their iconic design? Of course - lots of other design houses do as well but - somehow the Paddies should remain pure to me. Having said that I do LUuuuuve the SS '07 bronze Paddy with the gathered top on the Chloe website. Don't know when or where I will ever see it IRL...
  12. OMG a Paddy I don't like :yucky: :wtf:
  13. Ugh...I agree! I never thought I'd see the day when there was a paddy I didn't like! :yucky:
  14. I saw either this bag or a very similar one in Bloomies today... and I didn't really like it. When I first saw it, I thought maybe it was a "Paddie Light"... a more affordable Paddy! But alas, it cost even more than regular paddies :wtf: and I can't figure out why... the leather is not so great!
  15. Why :?:

    I don't get it...

    Not liking this at all :wtf: