Check out this new Soho Metallic Satchel

  1. Check out this New Soho Metallic Satchel from Coach.
    While I am not particularly fond of all over metallic in a handbag.
    I do like the shape and size and would consider buying it
    in another color in leather. The straps are extra long and I do
    like the style.:smile:

  2. thats a lot of metallic for one bag...but i'm sorta liking it!
  3. omg...i just peed my pants a little.

    I LOVE it!

    (although, I carry a very large mettalic tote bag, from gap, to work everyday - has my lunch, planner, sometimes laptop - that might be TOO much...but I love that metallic)

    how'd you find that?
  4. Cute, but I don't love it enough to spend $400 on it.
  5. metallic bags are fun....they also give casual clothing alittle punch;)
  6. I LOVE it too! I am a sucker for metallics (without going overboard with it though). I doubt this will go to the outlets but one can only hope!
  7. I wish they had matching wristlets!
  8. LOL! You're a riot.
  9. I really like it! This is the first metallic bag I really like!:nuts: