Check out this new Gustto Bag

  1. Cute! I wonder how it looks IRL
  2. Ugh...why not post the dimensions, NM?
    They are SO BAD at not providing key info!!!!
  3. I couldn't agree more! Why can't they show various shots of a bag and a model wearing it??? They FRUSTRATE me!!!!:smash:
  4. Hmm, excuse me for butting in, but Cg- why are you looking at other bags missy??? :p
  5. LOL!!! Truly I'm not (truly, truly....). But I have to say that when I WAS looking (up to 2 weeks ago) that was always a gripe and frustration with NM website!!! Judie, glad to know you are keeping an eye on me!!!!:roflmfao::p:lol:
  6. Friends help friends keep their purse bans :okay: