check out this lady gaga mirror mask I made!

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  1. What do you guys think?

  2. That's amazing!!
  3. I wanna see a pic of you wearing it!!!! :nuts:
  4. that is so so cool,

    modeling pics please
  5. Wow!
  6. Very cool!
  7. Love it!
  8. That is sooooo cool! Is it supposed to be a design piece or a you planning on wearing it? If the latter: How are the edges? I found that mirror pieces tend to be super sharp when I tried working with them (even the already cut to size pieces). Did you find a way around that?
  9. That's pretty awesome, I'd also love to see modeling pics!
  10. Personally, I love it as a design piece, but it is wearable. I used a mask with fabric lining, so its pretty comfortable. I'm actually selling this one, but I made one for myself, and when I put it on the edges of the tiles don't touch my face at all. I just figure if I'm careful when I wear it, it shouldn't be a problem. The bigger problem is that its kind of heavy for something that you put on your face.
  11. what do i think?! i think it's unbelievable!!! so so sooo cool!! i want one for halloween next year! :smile:
  12. I'll make it for you ;)
  13. Wow, you're talented. It's lovely!!
  14. That is so cool! :biggrin: Great job!
  15. This is great!!! I am super impressed. :tup:
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