Check Out This Great Kit!!

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  1. [​IMG]I was at Sephora today, and they had this by the check out....I might have to go back and buy it!! This picture really does it no justice at all....the colors are BEAUTIFUL!!!! All of the shadows have sparkle to them, and this pic makes everything look dull and flat. It is a STEAL at only 30 bucks. I am kicking myself right now for not buying it right there. The blushes have sparkle to them as well. Everything was so cute and compact:heart:
  2. Thanks for sharing =) I love Sephora's kits, I have the blockbuster palette! How portable is this one? I'd definitely be interested if it's easy to carry around...
  3. I worked for Sephora and to be honest, their eyeshadows are not that great. The pigment goes away very quickly unless you are using a lot of it and an eyeshadow base. It might be a good deal, but, I don't find their eyeshadows to be worth the money.
  4. Nice!! I'd also like to know how small it really is. As in, can you carry it around in your purse? I usually do my makeup at work because I like to sleep for as long as I can lol.
  5. This is a bummer to hear because the eye colors looked soooo pretty...I would say the kit is a bit smaller than a CD case (much thicker of course) but imo not that big at all!!