Check out this flat tire...good thing we didn't die!

  1. Seriously...

    We were coming home from DH's parent's house tonight because him and I have to work tomorrow. Our son stayed at DH's parents.

    We are (no lie) less than 5 miles from home and we hit something. Instantly we have a flat tire.

    We pull off to the side of the road (praise the Lord this road has a shoulder...) and we get out. DH swears that thing we hit was our tire just blowing a hole in it.


    He leans down and sees this thing sticking out of our tire...and so I bend down for a good look. Holy s-word.

    See picture here:
  2. I always think way irrationally (sp??) and I tell DH that it was probably a good thing we picked this up in our tire...could you imagine a semi kicking this thing at a small car following it? (I know...terrible thoughts...)

    But I really think this could have killed someone had it not happened the way it did!!!

    Sucks that we need a new tire but I think the good Lord above was watching out for someone!!

    Makes you thankful for your blessings, even if it is a flat tire (with no one getting hurt!!!)

    Happy thoughts to you all tonight! I hope that you had a wonderful day with your friends and/or family!!!!!
  3. Wow!! What is it? A piece of metal? I'm glad you guys were ok. You're so right, good thing it lodged in your tire and isn't being hurled at the head of someone driving behind a semi. I'm sorry you had to buy a new tire. How scary!
  4. Although it was bad luck, it does sound like a blessing in disguise. Glad you are both ok!!!
  5. Melissa71 -'s this huge chunk of metal that is sticking out, and it looks like there is a bolt on the inside of the tire. We tried, but we couldn't get that thing out of the tire at all!

    Bubble Girl - I so agree! I once heard that a coincidence is just God being unanimous!
  6. Yikes...glad to hear that you guys are okay!
  7. Sweetpea83...thanks!!!
  8. Wow, glad to hear you guys are okay!! When I was around 20, I was driving home from my boyfriend's house and right before I drove in our driveway, I ran over something that left a HUGE hole in my tire...Went out to look for it the next day (dark outside) but couldn't find anything!

    Glad you guys were safe :heart:
  9. Glad to see you are ok!!
    Looks like its the season for flat tires! I had one yesterday, whatever happened-I had a huge gash in my tire! Crazy!!
  10. Wow, you are lucky. I am so glad nothing bad happened.

    Tubeless tires are the norm now, but back when I first started driving, a car tire that hit something like that would practically explode off the car, making it very hard to steer. I remember one accident my mother got into when she hit a board with a nail in it, the tube blew, came off the rim, and she was going 55 on the freeway. Told me later (I was asleep in the backseat) that if there had been a bit more traffic, she was sure she would have hit someone before she got the car stopped. She said she had to drive at least a quarter mile on the rim.
  11. Thanks! I think I'd freak more if I'd hit whatever you did, and then not being able to find it!! I'd be afraid of hitting it again!!
  12. I hate flat tires!! It makes you wonder what it causing all these flat tires! :p
  13. I am always afraid of driving by a semi when one of their tires blow! You see their tire all over the road...that can't be fun!
  14. Oh wow, but thank goodness you guys are okay!
  15. crazy drivers make getting a flat even scarier........
    once a car in front of me on the highway had their entire wheel
    come off & go flying into the breakdown lane.... somehow they
    made it into the breakdown lane as well even though 1 wheel was completely missing, not just flat! Thankfully - no one was hurt!!