check out this clip i found

  1. Interesting,,
  2. In the clip, the girl that bought the fake LV on eBay, they showed an eBay page that looked like an auth. mono speedy that was just used. And as they shot to that bag they said that it retailed for $1,000. Personally, I think eBay has cracked down on the fakes, I don't see nearly as many fake LV's as I used to. I still see plenty of fakes in Gucci and other brands, clothing especially, primp is my favorite and there are loads of fakes on ebay, yuck!
  3. Interesting, thanks.
  4. That's so sad- some people are just so cluless!
  5. I know. and i hate that people just sell knock offs like its ok. It makes me sick:yucky:
  6. Thanks for the clip. Interesting to see.
  7. Good clip. Thanks for posting and keeping us in the know.
  8. really interesting, thanks.
  9. no problem ladies :smile:
  10. DH just happened to see me watch this and told me "hey, we watched that together a while back"
    Me: :shrugs:

    Thanks for the refresher!
  11. i thinks its funny how the lady says "louis veeton" lol
  12. ebay doesn't tolerate fakes HA what a joke there are less but there are still far too many
  13. Haha, yeah I noticed them saying it like that too. I watched it with my mom right now and she goes "We have been saying it wrong the whole time." I was like "Umm no, I think they are saying it wrong." :rolleyes:

    Thanks for sharing the clip! :biggrin:
  14. lol it was interesting. I watched it and laughed a little