Check out this Chick selling an MJ Karolina bag on Ebay w/ the TJ MAXX tags still on

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  1. I think I would have removed that clearance tag before taking auction pictures. At least it will be a good buy for someone, though.
  2. The bag looks like it's in good condition, but knowing what the clearance bags at TJ Maxx go through... I don't think I'd want it!
  3. Our stupid TJMaxx's NEVER get anything even remotely as good as Marc Jacobs.

    All we get is loads of hideous Kathy Von Zeeland, Baby Phat and Nine West bags.

  4. How stupid of her not to take off the tag LOL
  5. Haha! What's the big deal with "Kathy Von Zeeland" anyway?
  6. Something about MJ selling in low-end retail stores bothers the heck out of me, and I can't put my finger on why.
  7. I know, but even at TJ's prices the bags are still out of reach for their typical clientele. I do wonder if the MJ corporate people are aware of the degradation of their brand thru selling at these outlets. Anyway, I've purchased 3 MJ bags at TJ Maxx lately and love them all, especially since they were purchased on the cheap :yahoo:
  8. Not too smart. WTH did she not remove that tag?
  9. I'm going to ask her. I'll post any response I get. Hee hee!
  10. haha! I'm interested to see what she'll say!!
  11. If the bag doesn't sell, my guess is she will return it to TJ Maxx.
  12. I was very nice, and mentioned that there expenses associated with posting on eBay and such, but recommended that she snip off the TJ Maxx clearance tag and re-post the auction photos.

    PS - Please don't tell me that you'll be thinking about designer handbags on your wedding day! I watched several hours of "Who's Wedding Is It Anyway" yesterday and was thinking about the stress that you may be under! Best wishes!
  13. ITA! I have been to 5 TJ Maxx stores in the last week and all I've seen are tacky knock-offs and a few MK bags. I wonder how they decide which stores get MJs?
  14. haha!! I'm trying not too! lol...just kidding. I'm actually getting a lil nervous! I've got so much stuff to do tom and then we leave Wed.:heart: I'm ready to go, but I scared too! :rolleyes:...i have no idea why! we have been together 5 years and have a 2 year's not like i don't know what i'm getting into...LOL

    I actually hoping my dag on stella is going to make it before we leave!! it says it'll be here wed. but we are leaving wed. morning!! if it makes it you guys think i should wear it when i walk out!! :roflmfao: