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  1. I was *casually* browsing in the Gucci boutique the other day, minding my own business, when this bag caught my eye. Mind you, I'm usually a handbag kinda girl (not hobo/shoulder bag). But I *need* a casual/weekend bag, I'm thinking in blue, and this one certainly fills the bill...

    What do the Gucci experts think? It's got cool studs all up and down the strap! I haven't bought a Gucci for a while: How does the Guccissima leather hold up??? Is it durable???

    (This pic from Saks.)

  2. I like it!!! How much does it retail for???
  3. [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]$1,595.00[/FONT]
  4. Very nice! I love the color and the studs! Would look great with jeans!
  5. I think it looks perfect and I love the color and style of the bag. I would go for it. oooooooohhhhh!
  6. I love it! The color is so deep and the shape is so cute. It would be perfect with jeans or even with a black outfit. Go for it!
  7. Great bag .... great color.
  8. They have it in chocolate, too!!

    I would totally get it in either color though.

  9. I am always checking this out on LOVE IT! Big, just like I like my gucci LOL!
  10. Yeah, I had been thinking about getting a Balenciaga Day or City in Blueberry, but I'm leaning toward this blue Gucci instead. (I've already got one Balenciaga: a First in Emerald.)
  11. Wow...great colour - very different!! And I LOVE the guccissima leather...
  12. I think the guccissma is gorgeous and I love the shape.. I would go for it in either color!
  13. A coworker of mine has this in the signature GG pattern, it's a beautiful bag, the studs along the side and top are done really well - You need this bag!
  14. i like the chocolate hobo better! i wonder if it comes in one size.
  15. Go for it Gucci rules!!! It is gorgeous and the price is decent.
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