check out this beauty

  1. I was asking about the latest medium flap with piping for the current cruise collection in another post.
    Now I've got a picture. Check it out :drool:
    It's a lambskin classic medium flap. Price is $2595.
    It's too pricey for me but for those interested, contact Joseph at Bergdorf Goodman. His cell is (917) 7769353.
    He says it's more beautiful IRL!!!!
    This is the coral with ?red piping. There's another one which is blue. Will post the pics when I get it.
    GetAttachment.jpg photo.jpg
  2. Saw this IRL today and it's very pretty and fun!
  3. Mmm I saw that yesterday at the Chanel Ala Moana! It's a very fun bag.
  4. Are there any jumbo flaps at Bergdorf Goodman?
  5. i saw this in a magazine, i thought it was cute but i'm not sure if i will think the same way after a few times looking at it. it's like the hollywood flap imo, wow and hot at 1st glance and thereafter loses its initial appeal..
  6. it's gorgeous, but only if it didn't have the pink piping. Thanks for posting.
  7. I think it's cute! :smile:
  8. I like it!!! Just the bag though, not the price. :nogood:
  9. cute bag!
  10. Hmm I'm on the fence, its very cute but maybe too cute.. :shrugs:
  11. The quilting looks bigger than the regular classics and not as poofy either. Am I hallucinating -- again? At first glance I thought it might be fabric versus leather. It just looks a tad off.
  12. I love it! Love the two coloredness of this bag!!!
  13. I've seen this at bloomie NYC on hold for someone... didn't know its new... i liked it when i first saw the red leather... but didn't like it when i took a closer look...
  14. Not sure I love the pink piping........
  15. i love the color