Check out this article on Fakes.....

  1. Hey y'all! We've been commenting on this article over on the eBay Purse Board. The writer tells of her adventures on Canal Street buying Foaches and even has a nifty little Guide on how to buy the *Best* fakes:throwup:....feel free to leave a comment.
  2. the article is giving pointers on how to buy fakes!!!!!!!!! Gross made me want to throw up...

    Before your trip, check the official brand websites and become familiar with the styles. Once in Chinatown, here are several things to check:
    • Test every zipper, unsnap each snap, and make sure every closure operates smoothly.
    • Look at the labels or tags, and look for misspellings, like Gucci with one ``c.''
    • Make sure linings are sewn and not glued.
    • Good fakes mimic the authenticity labels inside purses, and often have brand logos on the zipper pulls and include monogrammed protective cloth storage bags. • Avoid purse sellers on street corners, especially around Ground Zero or Times Square. They usually have poor-quality fakes.
  3. Ich habe keine Wörter...
  4. Hmmm..when I just went to go look at it again it told me I had to register?

    If anyone else encounters this problem I set up an account:

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  5. that's awful! I can't believe they put a box to the side talking about the fact it's illegal, then right underneath giving you "homework" to score a good fake.

    I don't understand people at all. Besides the immorality of purchasing a fake, I just think it's so gross. Stuffed in garbage bags and haggling? Not a high end experience to me.

    That's half the reason I shop at Coach-- the experience.. the beauty of the store, the quality of the bags.

    I would never want a fake so others would think I'm in on designers.. crazy.
  6. This article (shouldn't even be given credit as 'real' journalism) further confirms that the Miami Hearld is failing as a newspaper.
  7. Ugh, I can't believe people would WANT to buy a fake bag. I would much rather save my money for 6 months and buy the real thing then spend $30 on a fake bag. Unfortunately so many people are not Coach fanatics like we are and don't know the difference so these people who knowingly buy fakes bags are still going to get compliments on their fake Coach bags. ICK!
  8. eww. i can't believe that.
  9. Check out the picture associated w/ the article! Blech. It's the little link that says More Photos
  10. There are so many things wrong with this article.

    1. The author openly writes that she is buying fakes for friends/family, if it was me i would be pretty pissed if someone tried to give me a fake as a gift:tdown:
    2. I hope thats not her real name, i would be so embarrassed letting the world know i buy fakes, for myself and others.
    3. The article reports that fakes are illegal, but theres pointers on buying good fakes. gross. :yucky::throwup:
    4. The fakes hurt my pooorr eyes =(

    *sighs i guess there are people who just don't care if they buy fakes or not.
  11. Wow that is unreal. This is a funny story. Last winter my husband, who is a professional who works in Manhattan, had an offsite meeting to attend by Canal Street. Just as background, he's a very short haircut, clean cut, dark sunglasses, nice coat, very straight posture kinda guy. He left the meeting and decided to walk around a bit, because I always tell him that since he works in NY, he'd better not go to Canal Street and try to pass off a fake Coach on me. So he walks into one of the "store" fronts, just to be nosy, and a little Oriental man comes out from the back yelling at him "you police - you police - you go - nothing here - nothing here - you go!!" He was like :confused1: what the hell!!! As he left, several stores that he passed started locking up their doors right as he walked past. I guess they thought he was an undercover detective.
  12. That is just horrible.
  13. Agreed. :throwup: I'm not of great means, but even before I became hooked on Coach I never would have dreamed of buying a knock-off. Shame on her.
  14. Nee, ich auch nicht! :cursing:
    (There is another thread around here where the same article is being discussed).

  15. wow, is that even legal? I mean what if it was an article on how and where to buy drugs or commit another crime (like mugging someone). I don't think that would be allowed?!! :confused1: