Check Out This $1 Million Dollar Cell Phone.

  1. I need that.
  2. OWNED ! ! ! They need a SK3 with diamonds all over it =)
  3. I'm on the wait list...

  4. :roflmfao: that's awesome.
  5. Pretty neat huh ! :yes:
  6. Tee hee hee... hot phone!
  7. Yikes. Now if only you could drive it and live in it...
  8. ^Seriously.
  9. It probably weighs a ton... Too bad, I was gonna buy it.(not!):nuts:
  10. It's ok! But damn that price tag!
  11. Regardless of the price, I think it's ugly.
  12. I want it!! But I would like it even better if it was in pink!! :nuts:
  13. love it I'll take 2 :lol:

    it doesn't even have a camera
  14. thats so not worth it.. i even sometimes dont feel that my vertu was worth it.. though i love it. hehe..