Check out these funky eco-bags!

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  1. Disclaimer- NOT my store! Just to clarify...they did contact me to ask whether I'd consider carrying them but I don't currently sell this line and am not affiliated with them in any way- just thought they're super cool!
    I think these are awesome, and so environmentally friendly! Great for Christmas gifts, I think. The link is
    I love the candy wrapper bag, the barcode bags, the record bags..I'm not sure how they'd stand up over time but they're so funky:yes:
  2. Very interesting! I like the candy wrapper bags, bicycle inner tire bags and book bags. I wonder how the book bags will last in a raining day?
  3. I have seen these IRL. This is a Canadian company and many of my students carry the juice box bags as book bags. They are pretty neat and seem to hold up well. I really like the skateboard clutch bags...very cool!
  4. Some of this stuff is so cute. I have a candy wrapper coin purse that is great for keeping quarters in for the parking meter. I also have a couple of juice box totes I use for either kntting projects, or for "on the go" stuff for the kiddies. Speaking of which 1 has a lunch box made out of juice boxes and the other 2 have boxes from BuiltNY (love the neoprene totes and bottle holders).
  5. A friend of mine MADE the silvery-metallic juice box baggies for her two girls! They are easy to sew together (on any sewing machine), very very durable and are super cute!
  6. Wow. People come up with the most interesting ideas. I'd never have thought of putting juice boxes together. With the amount of juice my kids drink, I could have had a very profitable business!
  7. Very creative!! I must admit, the cigar box purses are precious!
  8. How cute! I like the soda pop top coin purses!