Check Out These Fish !

  1. [​IMG]
    The semi-transparent Thornback ray has a ghostly smile


    This baby ray born into captivity in the UK is making waves for its ghostly other-world smile.

    The semi-transparent fish left visitors to a popular aquarium reeling after it gave them an alien-like grimace

    The young fish is just 12cm long and is one of a dozen hatched from eggs known as "mermaid's purses".
    They were all born as part of a captive breeding programme at the Blue Reef Aquarium at Southsea, Hants.
    The baby rays are currently being looked after in a special nursery tank - but once large enough, they will join adult Thornbacks and a variety of sharks in a huge, open-top pool.

    A Blue Reef spokesman said the babies were proving very popular with visitors. He said: "Their faces are very distinctive, especially the apparent smile.
  2. OMG! I have always loved stingray's, their smile's are just endearing!

    That second pic is just...weird! lol it looks like a humans face and like it's wearing lipstick! hahaha
  3. they look like cartoons! how cute
  4. They're so cute!
  5. That's so weird....
  6. The top one looks like porcelain figurine or something. The second just looks fake! Ah the faces of Mother Nature, no man can reproduce that.
  7. Ha, the 2nd face is wearing lipstick, it's the last Human form Dr Who.

    That 1st thing looks like it came from a cartoon, looks like a friendly smile to me!
  8. Cute but weird at the same time....faces that only a mother could love?
  9. freaky
  10. What the..that's so weird!
  11. that is tooo cute. I'd love to have fishes like that.
  12. ommg... too cute... And it's also kind of strange looking.. :confused1:
  13. How very strange! Mother Nature creates the most unusual creatures. The second one is especially odd and yet looks like a real face!
  14. I don't know why but the 2nd one really scares me. LOL.
  15. Thank you! I thought I was going nuts, I just saw this creature on the show last week. It does sort of look like the face of the baby stingray.