Check out these bags I found!

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  1. Hey girls-

    As I was searching for a bag I haven't bought yet, to add to my collection, I found this new desinger Yen Linh. Her bags are made silk and hand embroidered with beautiful designs. I've already bought 2 of them, they are just gorgegous. Check them out at :nuts:
  2. I've been looking at the Aaneta bags as of late (, unfortunately, Ashlee Simpson got the Cleopatra bag!

    Heck of a lot cheaper than the other bags I've gotten recently!
  3. Bagbabe, those are very pretty! I've got my eye on one for myself and another for a gift.
  4. Pseub-

    I just love them. What a great gift. I'm thinking about getting one for all my girlfriends. What I love about them is their uniqueness. AND Ashley Simpson doesn't have one yet! hahahah :biggrin:

  5. Which one are you guys getting or have? I really like the floral clutch wristlet in either bronze or red.