Check out the YSL Rive Gauche Ostrich bags

  1. The SA from the YSL boutique just emailed these to me....WOW....this is now on my wish list...just not sure which color...
  2. Wow....they are all gorgeous. Deciding which colour will be a problem I am sure! I must say though that I am partial to the grey. I have the leather version, and although I was skeptical at first as I have never had a grey bag, it is a wonderfully neutral colour, and a a bit different from the usual. Whichever you go for will be amazing. Good luck!
  3. I like the first one!
  4. wow, thanks for the photos!
    i really like this :
  5. Thank you for the pics! I want them all, seriously. My favorites are Jungle and Grey.
  6. The Jungle is HOT! I also like the brown.
  7. boy! they are pretty... really love that pale gray
  8. I love the jungle and the lighter green...however, if I spend that much....I probably should just get the brown...I even like the dark brown with the ostrich trim ....prices are $4295 and $4895 depending on small or large size...the SA said not much difference between the small and, you could be carrying one for $ ....I'm not sure what other colors it is available in ....he just sent these because I specifically mentioned liking the jungle...
  9. The Grey color is nice.
  10. If I were going to rock one, I would probably do the Jungle, its insane.
    However, if I were going to wear it as an everyday, I would do a nice netural color. Those are just lovely bags!
  11. I think I'd probably die on your place, they are all insanely gourgeous! Maybe Brown or Rivega?
  12. Wow! Thanks handbagrehab for putting these up~! They're gorgeous!!
    Not really into the ostrich though, but LOVE the grey and the brown ones!!
  13. ^^ yum, one of the best YSL's ever!!! :wlae:

    p.s. just too much moola for my pocketbook :p
  14. The jungle YSL bag is gorgeous! Let us know what one you decide to get!
  15. I need to be on a ban.... I have purchased too many bags recently...I started with one and I can't stop ....I don't think I will be forking over the cash anytime soon for this DH would not approve ...and he would definately notice this purchase on a CC ....