Check out the Wal-Mart "Spy"

  1. Wal-Mart recently started selling new stuff from this new line called "Metro 7" and I noticed that one their bags hanging on the shelf looks pretty similar to the Fendi Spy. I heard they were getting sued for fakes, but I don't know if they will get in trouble for selling look-alikes also. Whatcha think?
  2. Thanks for taking a picture for us! This bag is really hideous!!! But of course then no one will mistake it for a real spy.
  3. Ouch, that thing is terrible. Nah, I dont think you can get in trouble for inspired bags so long as they arent claiming them to be the real thing. Shoot, have you seen the Target couture stuff that came out?
  4. Target has couture???

    tammyd, don't think for a minute that there won't be SOMEONE out there who won't think the bag is real. :biggrin: Believe it or not there are people like that. Hilarious, but oh so true.
  5. eeeeeeeew~!
  6. :yucky:
  7. now everyone and their mamas will own a "spy" :shocked:
  8. LOL!:biggrin:
  9. Oh--PLEATHER!!! :sick:
  10. Gross!
  11. I think its...well.....not my thing...HOWEVER, if there is someone that can never afford a designer bag, and as long as it not a FAKE...I think its really okay. Im sure there are plenty of people out there that have big families and not the best jobs...etc...Im happy that they can buy something that makes them feel special. jmo
  12. Haha I saw a wal-mart paddy the other day too - and the "spy" looks a lot better than the "paddy." The paddy was made of distressed white pleather? and had a cheap little gold lock on it which kind of reminded me of vintage luggage pieces that came with tiny gold locks to put around the keys.
  13. :sick:
  14. Ugh, gross