Check Out the Teal

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  1. that's really pretty!
  2. WOW! Now that is a gorgeous teal colour :drool:
  3. uh oh... are they making a teal sabrina? That would be awesome!
  4. I saw that - I'm hoping the wallet colors are an indication of new bag colors to come;) Does anyone have the style # on this wallet? I couldn't find it in the listing and I need to get a small wallet and really like that one.
  5. Somebody on here has the wallet, I forget who though.
  6. Wow, Coach calls just about any shade of blue "teal". This teal looks more like the real teal than legacy teal IMO.
  7. Figures, just when I decided I'd get the black. I think I'm too impatient to hold out for other colors though :P

    That is beautiful, thanks for sharing!
  8. WOW, I want that color in the Sabrina... :drool:
  9. Very pretty. I've been drooling over the teal since I first saw it.
  10. I wonder when this color will be available to order? :confused1:
  11. I don't know, I called a few times to find out what colors there are because every time you call you get a different answer, I heard it mentioned once but then not the next time, you never know?!
  12. LOL, I totally know how that goes, I hate it! :tdown:
  13. I just found out that the teal Sabrina is on backorder but should be available to order at the end of this month! :tup: Not sure what sizes the teal comes in, but hopefully it will come in the large!
  14. Cool!!! I wonder if I should buy the espresso since I still have my PCE and then exchange for the Teal, will they let you do that?