Check out the sight of my backyard!

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  1. Yes, just got hit by a monumental blizzard here in Denver. It's such beautiful, light, powder snow. We're completely snowed in and can't go anywhere. Most businesses/schools etc are closed today. We spent hours shoveling this morning, while snow was still coming down. It's not a cold day at all, just snowing tons.

    It's hard to see, but that's a waterfall and pond between the trees. Enjoy, and holiday wishes to all of you.


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  2. Now that's a winter wonderland.:nuts:

    Good luck digging out Deco!
  3. omg, it looks beautiful!!!! i wish it was snowing here in socal. :P
  4. good to see the stupid blizzard that cancelled my sister's flight at least turned out pretty. :smile:
  5. we got about that much snow too. we actually just finished making an igloo. that was fun.....
  6. I love when it first snows! So pretty!
  7. Gorgeous :biggrin: send some to Arizona please!
  8. in NH we havnt gotten more than a light dusting that didnt measure more than 16th of an inch. this is very odd for us, it was 45/50 degrees today where its usually 30 this time of year and we'd normally have 2 blizzards under our belt.

    seems that you guys are getting enough snow for both of us, it can stay that way as far as in concerned!
  9. So pretty! It's around 52 degrees in the Philadelphia area. Doesn't really feel like Christmastime.
  10. so pretty! we have a teensy bit of snow out there, but not much. i'm hoping for a little more snow. it just doesn't feel like christmas otherwise!
  11. It is so pretty!
  12. Beautiful!
  13. Do I need to call in "Search and Rescue" for you???:P

    Guess you didn't get your blueberry Work today either.

    Make a snow angel for me. I've never had the pleasure.:sad:
  14. That's so nice... A couple of years back, a huge part of Texas was covered in snow.
  15. That is really pretty!! Gets me into the Christmas spirit even more!