Check out the pushlock!

  1. That Mahina is such a gorgeous bag! :nuts: The pushlock has appeared on other LV bags too. I have a LV Denim bag with the same pushlock. And there are several styles that are almost identical to MJ styles like the Manhattan GM (LV)-Venetia (MJ). A member on the LV forum almost thought Cameron Diaz's Venetia was a LV Manhattan GM in Suhali.
  2. ^^^ Now that you say that..yes (such a long day)! I am not super big into LV, but I feel like I am starting to see more and more of a crossover lately. I like it too!
  3. And to confuse things even more, a lot of the style names cross over Hudson, Ursula, Eugenie, etc. LOL!:p
  4. I have a Hudson's very MJ to me..
  5. ^Yep, looks like a Sophia.

    The Manhattan PM looks like Blake and the Manhattan GM looks just like the Venetia.
  6. yup, exactly! except the manhattan PM's smaller than my blake...and of course, there's the *tiny* price differential involved...
  7. those LV prices are sky high! :wtf:
  8. True! I like the MJ versions much better than the LV ones.
  9. some of the LV bags are cool.. but i'm not a huge fan of monogram usually!