Check out the new Target knockoff of the Ergo convertible tote

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  1. If you thought their fake Carly bags were bad (and they were), then take a gander at these!


    And yes they look just as cheaply made in person as you might expect. :tdown:

    Do you think if I sent this pic to Coach that they'd consider them replicas and go after Target? ;)
  2. There are Julianne and Sabrina-esque bags there too.
  3. Those are really close. Even to the kisslock pocket!
  4. If that's all somebody could afford and they aren't fakes, I don't see what the big deal is...
  5. If they're not fakes, they are as close as one could possibly make one without technically being one. IMHO of course.
  6. It depends on if they copied the design exactly and did not change it enough from Coach's original design. I am not sure about copyright law on purses or if they apply for patents.
  7. I think of fakes as something that has the actual Coach name on it somewhere without being authorized by Coach. These share a design, but Target is not calling these Coach bags with the intent of misleading the consumer into buying one thing and actually receiving another. As far as styles go, shapes come and go, and all designers, from the high-end to the budget designers, borrow shapes. My grandmother had a foldover bag very similar to this style, and it wasn't a high-end brand. Coach didn't invent the shape or style of this bag.

  8. I saw burgandy Sabrina type bag a couple of weeks ago :tdown:
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    are they made in China, too? If so probably at the same factory/manufacturer. Sort of like Nabisco and target store brand.
  10. I'm aware of that, but I also sincerely doubt that the intent of this bag is anything other than to mimic the Coach version. FWIW, the Coach version doesn't have any Coach logo or branding on it anywhere on it other than on the standard detachable hang tag and the inner label.

    Just because it's legal doesn't make it any less tacky, and again as always, IMHO.
  11. So is it legal to exactly copy someones design as long as you don't put a logo on it?
  12. I saw a bunch of coach like bags last time I went...
  13. I saw them at Target and thought the same thing.
  14. Well, I remember seeing the foldover convertible clutches from Foley & Corinna long before Coach came out with theirs. The F&C ones didn't have a kisslock but other than that, they were very similiar. I think as long as the Target ones don't say Coach on them, they are not true fakes although heavily inspired.
    And I agree, if someone can't afford a Coach, it may be an alternative for them.
  15. I agree...they aren't knockoffs. Not everyone can spend $$'s of dollars on bags.