Check out the new shoes on

  1. Very cute they have the ones that where featured on the catwalk and some denim patchwork styles. Can't do the screen shot thing but I'm sure someone will be nice enough to add them for me
  2. yeah figured out how to do it heres the first pic to keep you going
    Denim Ballerina.jpg
  3. more Ballerinas
    Dots ballerina.jpg Esterelle ballerina.jpg
  4. OOOhhhhh love the patchwork ones :yes::yes::yes:
  5. thanks for that label addict. love the dots ballerines but they are kinda pricey:drool:
  6. those are cute..
  7. Cute .. My store is having a shoe event next month but I informed the manager that LV shoes do not fit my size 42 feet:crybaby:
  8. Heres a few more for you
    Denim Sandal.jpg Dots Thong.jpg Dots Wedges.jpg Melusine.jpg Melusine satin.jpg
  9. more
    Melusine satin Violet.jpg Morganne Liberty.jpg Titania.jpg Titania Beige.jpg
  10. couple more
    Titania Black.jpg Titania Goat.jpg Titania Goat Gold.jpg vivianne.jpg Morganne Lizard.jpg
  11. Ooh I love the Dots shoes and some of the Titanias too, so exciting, new shoes!
  12. Too Cute! :love:

    Thanks for posting! :smile:
  13. thanks for posting, they are so cute!