Check Out The New Red Gryson !

  1. this post isn't so much a deal notice as it is more of a conversation piece.
    check out the new RED gryson! what do you guys think?

    after seeing this brand in the most dreariest and glum of colors, i was pleasantly shocked to see it in a refreshingly bright color.
  2. I do want a red bag & I like the casualness of this!
  3. Pretty. Looks very LLBean-ish.
  4. I agree with the LL Bean comment. The bag looks very casual -- reminds me of a gym bag.
  5. cute color; very appropriate for the holiday season ;)
    also, a good place to post a "conversation piece" is in the handbags & purse section ;)
  6. Hmm, it's kind of cool. Eye-catching for sure... Is this part of the new stuff for Fall from Gryson?
  7. i would like it way better if the trim wasnt white
    like if it were black or something,, it reminds me of a stocking