Check out the new InStyle - Nov.- some YSL and not YSL

  1. While one item is adorable: pg. 312 YSL floral mini downtown:heart:

    the other is horrifying: pg. 239 Faux Leather bag - a Rive Gauche Ostrich copy for $60:tdown:

    sorry, no scanner, wish I could show these

    LOVE the mini-downtown!!:heart:
  2. ^^^OMG, a FLORAL mini downtown :nuts: - I have to get a copy of the magazine tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up :smile:.
  3. Post some pics...
  4. here are some lame pics

    inst 011.jpg

    inst 012.jpg
  5. Thanks so much for going to the trouble to post those pics! They aren't lame at all. I'm not loving the floral downtown so much for me, but that may be a unique bag for those who are fans of the mini size to pick up. And I can't believe the $60 Rive Gauche knock-off, it's just a flat-out duplication of the real thing.
  6. Thank you for posting the pics. I went out and bought the magazine but I bought October instead of November :push:. I think it's really cute and would be great for summer. Are the flowers, etc., embroidered? - I'm sure they are but it's hard to tell on my monitor.
  7. Thanks for posting pics alisonmamma.
  8. Thanks...alisonmamma
  9. Ooooh I love the floral Downtown. Hope it will come in bigger sizes too. The white ostrich Rive Gauche is TDF!
    Thanks for posting!