check out the new denim items at your LV!!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I went to the LV in SF today and one of the SA's I was talking to was super nice and showed me some new demin accessories/items that just came in! the only thing is...they wont be able to sell them till August 1st...there were 3 items...

    the first is a small accessories pouch in the shape of a speedy,:heart: but about the size of a cles, it has a zipper with a pushlock (about $315)...

    the second item was a demin long round cosmetics case with a zipper and a pushlock..the shape resembles a round pencil case :yes: ...

    the last item she showed me was a clutch bag, it reminded me of an envelope and I didn't care for it very much. I think this one ran for about $500 or so... :Push:

    I will include a pic of the first pouch that I took with my camera phone...I'm sorry but it's very poor looks a thousand time better in person!!!

    Im so excited about these items I think the first two were very cute and I can't wait till they go up for sale...once again, they don't go on sale until August 1st...and some SA's may not know about just ask! my SA just found out about them today...they are so cute! Just thought I'd share this with you all...and please pardon me if this has already mentioned!
  2. speedy shape? no handles though right?? =)
  3. no's got a key chain attched to it (like a cles)...I took pic with my camera phone...lemme upload so you all can see...
  4. ooo cant wait to see it!
  5. I think I've seen pictures of these items before, at least of the keychain one. Glad to hear they're coming out soon, thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  6. can't wait to see the pics, i love the denim range, would love to see more designs.
  7. awsome shalomjude thanks for sharing! those are the exact same I items I saw...I love the key chain!!!!! still trying to upload my pic!
  8. the accessories are cute.
  9. They only come in the blue don't they, not the fuschia or green??
  10. Yes --- they are only released in blue:yes:
  11. thanks for the update!
  12. the accessories are cute!
  13. I like the accessories... but the backpacks... eeeewww :throwup: not my taste.
  14. such cute accessories!