Check out the new: Chloe Freja Origami Clutch

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  1. I saw a new Chloe clutch online today, check out this website for a pic: *please stop plugging your blog*
  2. Yes, we've seen this clutch before, in the Chloe R-T-W S/S '08 show, but that write-up basically sums-up how I feel about it. :yes:

    I would also add that I'm not into exotics, like snakeskin, as they skin the snake alive; so, although I'm an incurable clutchophile, it won't be on my wish-list. :nogood:

    Thanks for posting! :flowers:
  3. Totally agree! Thought it was a little "off" for a Chloe piece. :smile:
  4. Not my thing!
  5. Not to into the clutch, but I love those Miu Miu heels!!!!:yes:
  6. I think I am starting to warm up to this crazy folded thing. No one else around me will have one at least!
  7. ^ I don't hate it, visually and origami can be beautiful, but I think it looks sharp and impractical... :s

    Form doesn't appear to be following function! :shrugs:
  8. Agree. I actually like the colors and the shape, but am afraid of the sharp tips! Looks dangerously pointy! Wonder why is this not made of soft leather. To be true to the origami theme, it would be nice if we can "fold" the clutch using the soft leather into different shapes.
  9. Sorry everyone, the forum erased my link beacause they don't like anyone advertising other fashion webpages besides their own. I think thats a more than little selfish and not exactly "helping" with our quest for new information regarding fashion. PM the other members from the post to get the link. I'm cancelling my membership. I had no idea they were only here to make money. I thought they were here for us to have a safe place to chat about fashion accessories.
  10. Doesn't it seem a little more selfish than to come here and try to advertise your own fashion blog? :rolleyes:

    I found your blog to be a little boring... thank god for tPF! :yahoo:
  11. Selfish is arrogantly, and blatantly breaking the rules that are posted in black and white on this forum. You posted your blog in a shifty manor (for example, OH look what I found today on line....what do you all think)....This forum is a PLETHORA of new information regarding fashion. I think you will find that we have many happy members that find this a safe place to chat about fashion accessories.
  12. LMAO!

    Please go join another Forum and see how warmly plugging your blog is received:yes: go ahead
    I'm a member of at least 5 Forums and NONE of them allow it.
    You can't go to someone else's place of business and advertise your own:nogood:
    It's just common sense.
    If you no longer want to participate because of that, you weren't here for the right reasons anyhow.
  13. Why would people that run a fashion blog as their BUSINESS, which they pay for and support with their own cash and that from ads, allow you to advertise your own blog ALL OVER (you had at least a dozen posts that I had to edit, none of which you ever admitted the blog was yours, you act like it's something you just FOUND in all of them, that's a tad sketch, dontcha think?) when huge companies like LVMH PAY to advertise here? we have no problem allowing established members to link to their blogs, many members have theirs in their sigs, but we don't even know who the heck you are, kwim? you've got like a few dozen posts, and you've been dishonest the entire time about the blog being yours. i will be HAPPY to close your account.
  14. :woohoo:
  15. It's not selfish, it's called business. You want to advertise... pay for it!
    You're selfish for trying to plug your own site using tPf's popularity and deceitful in the process.