Check out the new agenda's do you like them?

  1. Just saw these online what do you think of the new styles the suhali is availble in the gold & silver too
    Partenaire agenda.jpg blue cruise.jpg Partenaire agenda suhali.jpg Partenaire agendaclip.jpg red cruise.jpg
  2. [​IMG]


    the pink is cute, but i love this one more :
  3. Interesting. I like the one I have better, those snaps (like the one on the mono and Suhali ones) would bother me.
  4. I love to see the suhali in silver!
  5. Not too wild about them...I prefer my MC Agenda.
  6. I don't like those snaps at all...
  7. Ehhhhhh, not too sure yet :s

  8. ok here you go
    Partenaire agenda suhali silver.jpg
  9. iono how the snap works.. is it just a button closure and that's decorative? iono i prefer my desk agenda (no flap/button) as it's easier and more convenient for me.
  10. I'd have to go check that out irl ... kinda cute though, I like the suhali the best!
  11. I like them all, but I am still in LVoe with my Black Denim Agenda with it's antiqued koala clasp !!! :love:
  12. I'll stick with the Monogram agenda I already have.
  13. ITA! Black Denim Agendas are awesome!!!:smile: (although maybe im biased since that is my first and only LV :shame:smile:
  14. I agree! Those new clip-like snaps seem.....not right....

    Also, I don't like how the top edge of the Suhali agenda is "upside down"...
  15. Are the new snaps maybe for durability issues? They look nice, but I think the stiffness of the flat tab would take some getting used to.