Check Out The Great Hermes Article In Vanity Fair September 07 Issue!

  1. Hi ladies! I'm normally found in the Balenciaga Forum, and sometimes in LV, but I have to confess to lurking here to see all the beautiful Hermes bags, scarves, and jewels you ladies so beautifully depict in the forum.
    I read a fantastic article in the September issue of Vanity Fair that all Hermes lovers will want to read. It's a lovely article that chronicles the beginning of the company up to the present, and the sixth generation that is now at the helm of Hermes. If I have any complaints about the article, I would wish for it to be longer, and have more pictures. But it truly was a great look into the company and the family behind the luxury.
  2. Yes we´ve been informed of this, I´m very excited to read it!
  3. Thank you Deana for thinking of us.
  4. :shame:Ooopsy, so sorry. I thought I looked thoroughly to see if it was posted. I'll be a good girl and go back to lurking and drooling over your fab photos!:p
  5. Don´t worry about it! I´m sure not everyone catched the first info. Who is on the cover do you remember?
  6. ^^It's Gisele.
  7. Deana,
    No need to go back to lurking--
    Thank you for posting.
    I love all the colors of your B bags - the pic under your signature is lovely. I love color:heart:
  8. i read this article the other day, it is fantastic, almost six or seven pages!!!!!!!!!!! the only thing that was slightly off is that they have a photo of six or seven bags lined up in the workshop the same color which gives you the production line feeling, something not normally promoted.

    all in all a fantastic article!:tup:
  9. :love:
    Thank you penny! And yes it was Gisele on the cover, and it was a fantastic article. I feel like I am almost ready to take the plunge and get a Hermes bag, but just like I felt before I got my first Balenciaga, I do not know enough yet to feel confident of making the right purchase. Hence, I lurk here to learn as much as possible. Here's a few pictures of my tiny collection, and the same colors are deffinitely a recurring theme in all of them. Most importantly pink. That's the one thing I do know for sure, I would like my first Hermes bag to be some shade of pink.
    IMG_0185.jpg IMG_0131.jpg IMG_0098-1.jpg IMG_0086-2.jpg IMG_2082.jpg
  10. ^Ooh fabulous Baleciagas!! I love it that you want to learn H before buying, I´m sure Hermés appreciates it too:yes: Rose Shocking is a stunning H colour, also the very pale pink rose dragee (?)
  11. I got the magazine last night and it was a great article! Didn't know there was a master craftsman with muscles and tattoos.....ggrrrowl!:graucho:
  12. Omg I forgot that this is the US version and I can´t get it. Blah! So glad Lime scanned the pics.
  13. Deana, thanks for the heads up can't wait to read it....I also visit here often, occasionally on the Bbag board and often on the LV board. I've been an admirier of your beautiful BBag collection. Looks like a wonderful piece of art to me. Love the colors!!!
  14. :love:
    Thanks Nola, DamierLover, penny, and the rest for your very sweet compliments on my collection. I am known in the Bal forum for my crazy anal ways regarding my picture taking and the care of my bags, and for being the gal who designed and makes the braided jeweled accessories for my Bbags. I have been making and designing jewelry for many years so it was a natural progression to make accessories (mostly with real gemstones, silver, and gold)for my handbags once I started some serious collecting. I would love to hear any recommendations regarding favored pink H bags, the best trusted places to purchase (besides direct from Hermes stores, of course), and besides the pf, the best places to learn all I can before making my first purchase. I must admit to being quite anxious and ready to dive in and buy my first H bag!
    1-03-07039.jpg 06-08-07039.jpg IMG_5875-1.jpg IMG_7480-2.jpg IMG_9917.jpg
  15. Well Deana, just a warning once you go to Hermes-- there's no turning back :shocked: You will be in love with your H bag!:love:.
    If you like pink, fuschia is a beautiful color in the Hermes bags and a very popular one right now - (read, Victoria Beckham - Fuschia Ostrich Birkin)
    So good luck with your pursuit and you don't have to just lurk, your post are welcome any time!