Check out the gorgeous Weekender (?) pic over at Sartorialist!

  1. her whole entire outfit is gorgeous!
  2. What color is that? It's gorgeous!
  3. It looks like Rouge Theatre........that used to be my HG!!!! it is again, thanks to this pic. Do you think Sienna can look that good?
  4. I may be a bit odd but I don't really like the weekender - I think its too big. Sorry ladies. The colour is gorgeous though.
  5. that bag is TDF - so is the models attitude! love it, so totally gorgeous...
    cracker - that would be a godsend if sienna is even remotely that color! why do i think we will be disappointed???
  6. what about tomato? ya know, whenever I take photos of my RT City, they are much lighter than in irl. I wonder if that photo of Tomato with SGH is accurate. I'm calling Daphne.
  7. Cool website. I have it saved in my favorites now!
  8. I love that blog. And she pulls the bag off so well!
  9. I love the bag and i think it's rouge theatre which is my next aim....Rouge Theatre i'm goin after u now:search::search:
  10. No Kidding. That bag ROCKS!! Thanks for posting this!!!
  11. I reckon it's a lovely worn in Rouge Theatre! Works & W/E'ers look awesome!
  12. I don't see it ...where is it?
  13. wow....great pics...thx :smile:
  14. I think it is a rouge theatre weekender too! Just too yummy for words! :heart: