Check out the FENDI 'Du Jour' in the new "Sex & the City" movie

  1. Love it!!! They just updated the "Du Jour" bag in red patent leather.

    It's huge... and I've yet to see red anywhere in person!! I've seen this black one.


    Any thoughts?
  2. I don't like it in the picture with samantha holding it, the shape looks awkward and too big. BUt it looks ok in the last picture in black, the corners not seem to stick out that much.
  3. I like it but don't like the huge F's. Even without them I don't like it enough to buy, but I'd use if it were a gift etc:smile:
  4. What is SJP carrying? It looks like a hatbox. Uck. Unless it IS a hatbox? And she's carrying a little jeweled clutch? I think the red patent Fendi looks WEIRD in those photos. Way too sticky-outy at the corners. The women all look FANTASTIC, that's for sure.

    BTW, a friend of mine is a brand-new lawyer working in NYC and she emailed me the other day to say that they were filming "Sex and the City" in the lobby of her office building! She was actually wondering how many seasons the show had been on HBO. I had to tell her it had gone off the air a few years ago and this was the MOVIE they were filming, hahaha.
  5. I like it... just not on kim catrell... her outfit is gross, imo, btw....

    on the walk home from school today I saw a film crew for S&TC packing up, looks like they were in soho today
  6. I think the black one in the last photo is a smaller size than the one modeled in the 1st photo. Btw, sorry if this is kinda of topic. I found this on orangeme. And it seems like the bag can be worn a different way. Kind interesting imo.

  7. I feel the same way about the F's...dont like em. The bag other wise is alright, I love the red patent!

    ...But still theres something odd about the first picture. I dont know if it's the size of the bag, or that theres too much red going it the way she's holding it?.....I dont know, but I think I like the bag anyway....I love big purses, and I love red.
  8. meh. not feelin it. i have to say, i'm not really fan of the du jour, but it does look cute with the sides popped out like kav posted above.
  9. Hate it! The bag is trying too hard, IMHO. Actually, as far as styling goes, the only one who looks amazing in the above SATC pic is "Charlotte".
  10. Don't like it... but what is the bag Charlotte is carrying?
  11. Hello,

    I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

    Charlotte is carrying a Chanel bag. Here is a better pic. Gorgeous!

    May I ask, what bag is Miranda carrying? Thanks!

    p.s. Where did you get these pics? The only one's I have, as shown, are horrible and you can barely see past the watermark! :heart:

  12. Don't like it either. It looks sooooo large! I mean, we all love our oversized bags and our rather large spies, but this one just looks... cumbersome and awkward. Plus the red on red on red is just too much... But then, it's Samantha's style to pile it on thick. :shrugs:
  13. The thing with SATC tho is that once we have seen the movie (gosh I hope its quick lol), we will want them alot more!!! ;)

    Yes, Carries are the most wanted, but I think we will be surprised when we see the bag in motion so to speak!!

    Must be amazing to work in NY and see it being filmed
  14. I too don't go for the big F's I prefer the small FF and in black! I like the medium de jour bag but the large is like a freakin' suitcase...LOL
    I'm not liking the bag either!
  15. I think all Pfers are not gonna miss this movie!! :drool: It would sooooo send me broke...oh no! As it is, there's been so many pics of the foursome with alll the latest of any label you can possbily think of...God help me!