Check Out Princess Eugenie's, Nissan Figaro convertible

  1. 6 APRIL 2007


    When Princess Eugenie takes to the road in the future she will be turning heads in a Nissan Figaro convertible. The stylish set of wheels, a 17th-birthday gift from her mother, the Duchess of York, should make the royal teen the envy of her pals.

    The car's retro look has earned it a host of fans among younger drivers. Owners of the limited edition model - only 20,000 were ever produced - include chart-topping singer Joss Stone and Athina Onassis de Miranda, the shipping heiress.

    Luckily for Fergie, though, at £10,000 the Nissan was slightly more affordable than the £15,000 1.6 litre One Series BMW her elder sister Beatrice received when she turned 17.

    Eugenie, who celebrated her birthday on March 23, will no doubt have been thrilled to get behind the wheel after her mum presented her with a pale aqua model, wrapped in pink paper.

  2. :love: my dream car. i love it, a very lucky princess.
    my cousin has a hot rod 1 and its shimery lilac, so pretty. sorry for all of the gushing i just love cars,especially vintage ones or ones that look vintage. my SO drives a daimler gold sovereign and its our baby.
  3. super cute!
  4. how adorable!

    i'm always amazed how attitudes towards cars differ in other countries. my parents aren't famous or wealthy, and the car i got for high school graduation was $35,000 easy.

    i can't help but think that if she was American, all she would have wanted would have been a white Range Rover.
  5. ^huge cars are too expensive for teens in the UK. and small cars are more popular.
    we have to have car insurance by law. my first car cost £3,000 and the insurance was £2,000 because i got it when i was seventeen and before i passed my test.
  6. My teacher has that car!
  7. Cute car!!
  8. My DH is from Dublin, Ireland and most people there don't get their first car until much later than they do here. I know his brother is in his early twenties and he just started car shopping.
  9. we're legally required to have car insurance as well, i'm not sure how much mine is...but not nearly that much, i don't think.
  10. that car is way too cute. i hope my mom gets me a nice one haha .... after i get my license lol!
  11. very cute! and love the colour
  12. So cute!!
  13. soooo cute!
  14. That is sooooo cute!
  15. Doesn't something seem wrong with that price? That would mean that the car only cost about $19,655. Maybe the above prices are missing a zero? I don't think a limited edition car would cost so little.

    EDIT: according to Wikipedia, the car was only produced in 1991. This means Fergie had to have bought it used, which would explain the price. I can't believe the Princess would drive a used car! In America most rich kids demand brand new ones! It also states in several articles that the price of Beatrice's car was indeed £15,000. Maybe I've been watching My Super Sweet Sixteen too much, but I would have expected them both to get $100,000 cars. Maybe the English don't spoil their children rotten like some Americans?