Check Out Our New Sub-forums!!!

  1. . . . and PLEASE help me fill those Reference threads:tender:
    I know you guys have been SO awesome to post photos in here already, but it would be a tremendous help for all of us if you'd repost them again in the new threads.

    I know I haven't made one for every Ligne, I figured I'll keep adding as we need them, let me know if I need to do one ASAP.

    A BIG thanks to Vlad for answering our pleas!:king: :cutesy:

    GO check them out!:wlae:
  2. These new sub-forums are great. I added my Chanels, and will hopefully be adding another by next week:supacool:
  3. The new subforums look great - i think once the comments get edited out, it'll be a great reference! I really found the Hermes one useful when it was all in one place. I've posted my one and only so far :smile:
  4. They are great Swanky! THANK YOU
  5. Thank you - I use the Resouce threads all the time and appreciate the effort. :smile: I know how time-consuming this is for you.
  6. Thank you swanky! It is so much easier to access and very well organized . Thanks again for all your efforts.
  7. Thanks so much Swanky!! You are a wonderful mod!! I love how this is organized. :heart:
  8. Thank you guys for your support! I love this Forum, the members that post in here are the best! You guys ALL contribute to making this forum so FAB!!!
  9. Great sub-forums! Thanks so much everybody!
  10. I love them!Thank you!
  11. thanks so much! :heart:
  12. One more thanks for the sub-forum!
  13. Thanks so much for your hard work Swanky!! These sub-forums are great and very useful!!! Your efforts are well appreciated by us all!!
  14. What a wonderful resource! Thank you Swanky, I'll be popping into the subforums quite a bit to drool over all the wonderful bags AND to get information my SA's never seem to know :shrugs:.
  15. Swanky, thanks for putting those together. I'm looking into getting another Chanel and the Reference Library is a GREAT help! I live near a few boutiques but the differences in inventory at any given time makes it difficult to really know what's OUT there. Thanks again :smile: