Check out NM: Kooba Marcelle at $149

  1. If they had it in desert, I would buy it in a heart beat but I already have one ivory Kooba and can't take a chance on a second, even at that amazing price!!
  2. I agree....if it was available in 'Desert' I would have been soooo tempted. $149 is worth getting the customs duty on it!!!
    Dammit, why dont they sell Kooba's in the UK???!!
  3. all gone :crybaby:
  4. OK, OK I admit it. After thinking about it for all of 5 more seconds, I BOUGHT it. I love the Marcelle style. For $149, I figured I'd take a look at it and decide whether to keep it or my ivory Sienna. Shipping was free using the NM code NMSHIP. So, I'll keep one or the other, not both, I swear!!! :angel: Really.
  5. Somebody better hurry and stop me before I order that Natalia!!! That is a great looking bag. Does anyone know when that bag first came out?
  6. Bergdorf has the Natalia on sale for $321.!!!!
  7. It is a steal Rose, with free shipping too. Use NMSHIP. There is one on e-bay listed for $195. (Always happy to enable!)
  8. Wow! Gone already???
  9. Wow, two great buys and you gals are on top of them both! Congrats on that Marcelle...that looks to be one gorgeous bag. (I would love to find one in black!)
  10. :crybaby:Youngster.....the Natalia is gone! POOF! Just like that. I'm heartbroken.
  11. Oh Rose, I'm sorry. :sad: I do hope one of the gals around here got it. They must only have had one or possibly two, maybe sent back from a store or discovered in the warehouse. I scour NM frequently and try to post what I find.
  12. Oh! That's okay. I'm over my heartbreak now. Besides, I am on a purse ban until the end of year, but it would have been a real shame to let that Natalia go. I scour the internet for deals, too!
  13. Awhh youngster...I wanted to buy that! You beat me to it. It sure is a cute bag!! And what a deal!!!