Check out my wristlets!

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  1. Hee hee, these things are slowly multiplying in my handbag closet.

    Well, a few months ago I thought why in the world do I need a wristlet? Now, check it out!

    I love 'em. I am not a matchy matchy girl; the only one with an exact match bag is the grey/black one (upper left) which has her own single strap shoulder tote.

    The newest ones are the green suede (gift from a friend) and the cotton white/brown one (lower right), an impulse buy at Macy's today :graucho:.


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  2. Yay....we're sig stripe wristlet twins!!
  3. I absolutely love wristlets! use one everyday! the new cotton one looks fab
  4. Very cool!
  5. i love wristlets too! i have a bunch and need to slow down!

    yours are so pretty!
  6. Omg I love them all!! :smile:
  7. Nice - I love all of them!! A little something for every occasion!
  8. looove the cotton chocolate!
  9. ^^ thanks all! Yeah, didn't, I am so tempted by the cotton chocolate line but not sure I want a whole bag in that bold of a pattern, but the satchel is slowly calling my name...oh man. So, I start small with a wristlet. We'll see!
  10. Cute wristlets! :tup:
  11. Very nice. I really like the new chocolate one :smile:
  12. nice collection.
  13. A nice herd of wristlets! :tup:
  14. Great wristlets! Love the cotton one!
  15. Cool! I myself have 5 and counting...