Check out my T&B cutie........

  1. My Mum & Dad have just spent 3 days Christmas shopping in Paris & they got me the T&B Cles from the Mothership:yahoo:

    It’s my first Cles & super cute!

    T&B cles 1.jpg T&B cles 2.jpg
  2. thats a really cool cles! i love it...congrats!
  3. awesome! it looks pretty big! is it the same size as a mono cles? congrats, enjoy it!
  4. so adorable... I want one too.
  5. It is so cute...congrats!
  6. Is that a pocket inside the cles?

    So very cute, congrat's.
  7. Nice! Congrats!
  8. Kimalee - I don't know, I don't have a mono one. It measures 5"x3"

    Bag Fetish - YES! it has one each side.
  9. Oh that is awesome! I can't wait until my trip to Vegas. LV here I come!
  10. so cute, congrats. I want one.
  11. That is soooo cute, i love it, congrats !! :smile:
  12. Wow congrats! Love the new design!
  13. so cute!
  14. love the design and it looks bigger than the normal size cles !
  15. oooh I want I want ...LOL! I really do ... what a cutie! congrats!